Paranatural Productions – Beyond The Ordinary

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Paranatural Productions is a small international media company that specialises in Spiritual and Paranormal TV, Media, & Publications.

Based in Bristol but producing video footage worldwide from London, to New York, Thailand and Australia, Paranatural Productions have been exposed to many different environments, spiritual and media cultures.

Set up by Thea Bell in 2015 as platform for her creative production and media partnerships, she has subsequently worked on several Reality and Documentary TV productions specialising in, but not limited to, Spiritual and Psychical subjects.

As both a member of the Society Of Psychical Research, and an advocate for the preservation of Gaelic beliefs, Thea works with both celebrities, and entrepreneurs, not only within the media world but also in the paranatural field.

Recent Shows

Well Travelled – Starring Brooke Shields – Check Six Productions – New York

SS Occult – National Geographic Pitch – CB Films- London

Rock The Boat – Starring Richard Rubin –Sensible Shoes Productions – New York

Afflicted The Demons Within – Starring Rob Thompson (Ghost Finders USA) – Sensible Shoes Productions – New York

The Dark Art Project – Starring Nicole Kelleher – London

Client Portfolio

CB Films
Check Six Productions
Sensible Shoes Productions
Aloof Hat Productions

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